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It's not about how much traffic you get, it's about how relative the leads are.  Stop Wasting Money On TRASH LEADS!  My Internet Marketing Service will ONLY bring you Relative Leads.

Don't listen to everyone's hooplah..  This is the EXACT internet marketing service you need if you provide a local service/product.  Maybe you've tried this before & it didn't work for you... It simply wasn't done right, especially if you spent a great deal of $$.  I do things by the book and my work produces and performs consistently.  

No sales talk.  My internet marketing service will put you in the right places, in front of the right people, at the right times. If you are providing something of value, I will make sure you are a top choice when people go hunting for it, and only it. 

More times than most it's common sense + know-how that makes it happen.  With Google Ads, it's pay to play and how good your Ads manager is determines how little you pay for clicks/leads and if they are relevant or just trash.  All of my campaigns are developed and cured to perform with 100% relevancy and 0% waste.   Having over a decade of experience with Adwords and  20 years in Web Design has provided insights and methods that only come with that kind of "in-the-thick-of-things' experience.  I design websites per Google's Advertising Guidelines & Policies, with Adwords in Mind from the very beginning.  

I want to build your business and make you money.  I charge a modest setup fee to build everything and an affordable monthly subscription fee to manage everything as well.  I will optimize all properties on a regular basis to make sure my campaigns are making you money so we both grow, and you continue my service long term. 

References:  To save us both time and serenity, Please call any of my clients above so you know how I work and what to expect. If these above are not sufficient, I have over 100 more!  Whichever situation you are coming from in your business, I can help and will help.  

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