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It's not about how much traffic you get, it's about how relative the leads are.  Stop Wasting Money On TRASH LEADS! 

Don't listen to everyone's hooplah..  This is the EXACT advertising you need if you provide a local service/product.  Maybe you've tried this before & it didn't work for you... It simply wasn't done right, especially if you spent a great deal of $$.  I do things by the book and my work produces and performs consistently.  

No sales talk.  I put you in the right places, in front of the right people, at the right times. If you are providing something of value, I will make sure you are a top choice when people go hunting for it, and only it. 

I get heavily involved in your market and run with what works best.  More times than most it's common sense + know-how that makes it happen.  Higher Quality = Lower Cost and who knows what that means?  Well i'll tell you, the more consistent you are with your companies main attributes, the more Google will praise you with higher rankings in your local area.  With Google Ads, it's pay to play and how good your Ads manager is determines how little you pay for clicks/leads and if they are relevant or just trash.  All of my campaigns are developed and executed with 100% relevancy and 0% waste.   Having over a decade of experience with Adwords and Web Design has provided insights and methods that only come with that kind of "in-the-thick-of-things' experience.  I design websites per Google's Advertising Guidelines & Policies, with Adwords in Mind from the very beginning.  If you have tried Adwords and it didn't work out for you, try again.  This time, hire a Google Adwords Certified Professional for your next website design and digital marketing project.  

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There's no If's, And's, or But's about it.  SEO is a 1 time setup and solely meant to prep for the big show, Google Ads.  SEO is included in the price of a Google Ads Campaign.  You receive Guaranteed Top Page placements at a more than reasonable cost per click.  No Trash Leads!

Let's not Feed Google too much money!  Be careful when you call Google yourself and have a "Google Expert" help YOU with your campaign.  If EVERY ELEMENT is not set correctly, you could spend a ton of cash on advertising to Nigeria.  Or, you'll receive calls that costs $15 bucks from someone asking you how to do your job, instead of hiring you to do it.  You need someone who does not work for Google and that gets paid per their own performance.  That's me, YOU found me!  Let's get to it!

I want to build your business and make you money.
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